C.) is actually paid having “aiming the fresh methods regarding venery” ( pursuit of or extravagance within the sexual satisfaction)

C.) is actually paid having “aiming the fresh methods regarding venery” ( pursuit of or extravagance within the sexual satisfaction)

Intercourse Positions off Cyrene and you may Elephantis

During the Greek myths, given that filed into the Pindar’s 9th Pythian ode, Cyrene otherwise Kyrene (Ancient greek:”sovereign king”) was the new girl regarding Hypseus, Queen of your Lapiths, although some myths suggest that the lady dad got the newest lake-god Peneus. She is good nymph just disabled dating in Italy who provided beginning towards goodness Apollo, Aristaeus and you will Idmon while with Ares. She alsi recognized as the caretaker of Diomedes regarding Thrace. Cyrene try a strong huntress, entitled because of the Nonnus a great “deer-chasing after second Artemis, the girl lionkiller.” [Source: Wikipedia +]

Leonard C. Smithers and you can Sir Richard Burton typed on the notes from “Sportive Epigrams with the Priapus”: ‘Cyrene are a prominent slut, recognized within the term off Doorous are employed in 12 ranking.’ Into the “Frogs,” Aristophanes speaks of one’s dozen positions out-of Cyrene. Inside the “Comfort,” Aristophanes states, “Which means you can get, because of the lifting upwards the lady feet, To accomplish saturated in air this new mysteries.” When you look at the “Wild birds,” he produces: “Of the girl you sent, I raised first her base, And you can inserted her domain name.” [Source: “Sportive Epigrams with the Priapus” translation of the Leonard C. Smithers and you can Sir Richard Burton, 1890, sacred-texts]

“Elephantis try an excellent Greek poetess who authored into 9 some other sex ranks inside a famous intercourse instructions that has been lost so you’re able to go out. According to Suidas, Astyanassa, the brand new maid regarding Helen away from Troy, try, the original blogger with the sensual postures, and Philaenis and you will Elephantis (one another Greek maidens) implemented within the topic. Aeschrion yet not ascribes the job attributed to Philaenis to help you Polycrates, new Athenian sophist, which, they state, placed title regarding Philaenis to the his regularity with the objective away from blasting their character. This subject occupied the pens of many Greek and Latin writers, around who is said: Aedituus, an erotic poet noticed of the Apuleius within his Apology: Annianus (in the Ausonius); Anser, a sensual poet quoted of the Ovid; Aristides, this new Milesian poet; Astyanassa, previously mentioned; Bassus; Callistrate, a Lesbian poetess, noted for serious passages.”

Elephantis (later very first century B. Because of the rise in popularity of courtesans bringing animal labels into the classical moments, the likelihood is Elephantis was two or more persons of your exact same identity. Elephantis has also been a health care professional. Pliny sources this lady abilities since the a great midwife, and you can Galen cards the girl power to treat baldness. She plus had written a handbook regarding make-up plus one throughout the abortives. +

None of Elephantis works have live, regardless of if he or she is referenced in other old texts. Centered on Suetonius, this new Roman Emperor Tiberius took a complete band of the girl work having your as he retreated so you’re able to their resorts with the Capri. Among the poems in the Priapeia describes the girl books: “Lalage dedicates a votive offering to the God of erect dick, taking shameless photos regarding the courses off Elephantis, and you can begs him to attempt to replicate together with her the new diversity out of sex of the rates in the illustrations.” And you will an enthusiastic epigram from the Roman poet Martial, which Smithers and you can Burton found in its distinctive line of poems about the Priapus, reads: “For example passages since neither the fresh new daughters off Didymus know, nor brand new debauched guides off Elephantis, where are set aside the newest models (“novae figura”) from lovemaking .”) “Novae figurae” might have been realize while the “novem figurae” (i.age., “nine models” out of lovemaking, in lieu of “the fresh models” away from lovemaking), and thus particular commentators have inferred you to definitely she noted 9 some other intimate ranking. +


Leonard C. Smithers and Sir Richard Burton composed in the cards away from “Sportive Epigrams to the Priapus”: Cunnilinges – identified as ultimately causing “a lady feeling brand new venereal spasm by the gamble regarding the fresh new language for her clit along with the woman genitals” – is actually a flavor far in fashion amongst the Greeks and you may Romans. s, you to up against Manneius are particularly biting. [Source: “Sportive Epigrams on Priapus” translation by Leonard C. Smithers and you may Sir Richard Burton, 1890, sacred-texts]

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